All you need to know about volunteering!

  • Its a great experience that allows you to see ‘behind the scenes’ at a major event
  • Free entry to GamerCon when you are not working
  • It provides you with Work Experience that you can reference with future employers
  • We provide you with a reference after the event that you can provide to future employers
  • Work alongside and with like-minded people who love gaming
  • You get a cool GamerCon Branded Tee to show off to your friends
  • We are a fun-loving team, so you’ll enjoy every minute !
  • Anyone over 18 years of age;
  • You must be available to Volunteer on 17th, 18th or 19th of March 2017  (We have a preference for Volunteers who can work with us on all 3 days, but you can choose the days that suit)
  • You must be awesome (and others must also think you are awesome)
  • You must LOVE gaming

We need Volunteers to work with us in 1 of 4 teams (see below)


GamerGuru: You will need to be Tech savvy and happy to help with technical set-up and support for the event

GamerGuide: Required to provide, Registration, Stewarding and Gaming Zone guidance for Attendees

GamerAdmin: Required for eSports Tournament Administration and oversight

GamerCrew: Required for event build-out and break-down (before and after the event)


When applying – you need to select your preference  for one of these teams only.

Common Questions: about volunteering!

No – you can choose to work 1, 2 or 3.  Only those involved in the Build-out and Tech set-up will be required for March 17th

For legal reasons we can only accept volunteers over the age of 18, but Kudos to you for thinking like you do !  Keep it up. You are going places!

Yes – we will ensure that all volunteers will have time to explore and enjoy the show

No – Volunteers will not be paid, however, please scroll back up to the top of this page for 7 great reasons to Volunteer.

You will hear by September 15th 2016

Please email:

To apply simply click here and a member of the Volunteering Team will be in contact with you.  UPDATE: VOLUNTEERING IS NOW CLOSED.