At GamerCon, we want to ensure that we meet the needs of the Gaming public of Ireland, and one zone in particular is getting a lot of attention – the Retro Zone !  Whether you are new to gaming, or an old hand, the Retro Zone is unique in its appeal to all ages, so, determined to get it right we at Team GamerCon are thrilled to be able to announce a collaboration with Retro_Gamer_Ireland , Naoise O’Hare.

Naoise will curate the GamerCon Retro Zone and is already working on compiling and honing the list of Retro treats for GamerCon attendees.

‘We chose to collaborate with Naoise because of his obvious passion for Retro Gaming and his encyclopedic knowledge of the genre’ said Ferdi Roberts, GamerCon’s founder.

‘Naoise is arguably the leading Irish Retro Gamer whose popularity is obvious when looking at his active Instagram following where his passion for all things Retro Gaming related can been seen in all of their glory’.

” I’m delighted to be part of GamerCon and to be Involved in curating the Retro Zone.  This will be a trip down memory lane for a lot of gamers and we also want to introduce some old games to new people, helping to create some nostalgia for a new generation”

– Naoise O’Hare (Retro_Gamer_Ireland)


Welcome to Team GamerCon Naoise and we look forward to welcoming thousands of Gamers in March of 2017 to enjoy the selection curated by Mr Retro Gaming himself – Naoise O’Hare.

 Check out Naoise’s  Instagram account here